Imagine a beautifully made, incredibly comfortable new chair or sofa. Imagine a slipcover, so well tailored it looks fully upholstered and so easy to remove you can swap it out in moments. Imagine one great sofa with two great outfits. Announcing our fitted slipcover upholstery event. 

Grade 1-10, Save 25%.

Chairs, Love Seats, Demis, Sofas, Sectionals

Sale Ends Sunday December 15

Demi Sofa Example:

Slipcover demi sofa, grade 1 fabric:   regular $2,545.    sale $1,899.
Additional slipcover, grade 1 fabric:   regular $920.   sale $690.
One great sofa, two great looks:   regular $3,465.   sale $2,589.

Chair Example:

Slipcover glide swivel chair, grade 1 fabric:   regular $1,335.   sale $999.
Additional slipcover, grade 1 fabric:   regular $745.   sale $558.
One great chair, two great looks:   regular $2,080.   sale $1,557.

Included With Purchase

• Two feather toss cushions with love seat, demi sofa, sofa, sectional
• Choose any fabric for toss cushions, regardless of grade
• Optional contrast welt, choose any fabric regardless of grade
• Hardwood frames
• Top quality spring system
• Foam core, feather wrapped seat cushions, with baffles
• Baffled feather blend back cushions

Dozens of Frames and Hundreds of Fabrics

Our fitted slipcover upholstery collection features dozens of frames and hundreds of beautiful fabrics. At any one time, we have 8-12 pieces in the store and the complete range of fabric selections. For a closer look, we've photographed two pieces — the spectacularly comfortable Juliana Gilder Swivel Chair and the classic Mariposa Demi Sofa — and added them to this website. These items are available to order online, and in a number of sizes. We have both pieces on display in our Ottawa showroom now. If you'd like to try them out or review the fabric selections, we encourage you to drop by.

Here's How the Slipcover Works

Your slipcovered sofa frame will arrive fully upholstered in white muslin. This tailored base-layer keeps the upholstering underneath firmly in place and is securely fit with heavy duty velcro strips. Similarly, seat and back cushions will arrive in individual baffled muslin casings. Of course, you won't see any of this. Your sofa will arrive with its slipcover fit snugly in place and secured with the extra-sturdy velcro strips. If you've ordered an additional slipcover, you'll find it neatly folded along with the included toss cushions. If you prefer not to have a slipcover, no problem. Most items in our slipcover collection are available fully upholstered at no additional cost.

Imagine Redecorating in Nine Minutes

Additional slipcovers are available for as little as $690. (for a sofa and including two toss cushion covers). In design terms, this buys you a second sofa — to say nothing of the increased longevity. On account of their visual mass, upholstered pieces are foundational in most design schemes. Swap out your summer for your winter slipcover, and re-decorate in minutes. Imagine, a cool floral for summer and a rich red for winter. Or maybe something staid and conservative for one slipcover and something a little less restrained for the other. We hear from our customers how satisfying and fun this is.

Watch This Short Video to See a Slipcover in Action:

Juliana Large Swivel Glider
It's usually best to avoid superlatives, but if we've heard it from one customer, we've heard it from hundreds: this actually is the most comfortable chair ... ever. In a chair, comfort is all about the float: the relative pitch of the seat as compared to the back. And the float in this chair is spot-on. Add to that, the feather-wrapped seat cushion and the feather-blend back cushion — you won't want to get up! Topped off with a silky smooth (and sturdy) swivel-glide mechanism, this chair is simply wonderful.

Fabric Grades Explained
The Juliana is also available on a stationary base, in a smaller size and in fabrics grade 1-10. As you may imagine, each fabric grade is a different price. In this case, grade 1 is the most affordable and grade 10 is the most costly. It's a bit counter-intuitive, but a grade 10 is not necessarily a better fabric than a grade 1. A bold design with a large repeat will produce more waste when the fabric is cut and the pattern matched. This would be a higher grade fabric, as more material is required to create the final product. Or linen, as another example, is typically more expensive than cotton, but often not more durable. Dozens of factors, even the type of dye, contribute to the cost of a fabric. We offer beautiful, durable fabrics at every grade. Shown here: grade 4, Sierra Cocoa.

Mariposa Demi Sofa
This classic frame, with its rolled arm and box-back cushions, is an enduring favourite. The arm sits at a nice height – just right for an arm rest, and not too high for naps or stretched out reading. The tailored cotton slipcover is a casual look, and in warm red with tan piping, produces a striking effect. With a generous seat depth, this frame is well suited for curled up reading, dozing off or watching movies. The Mariposa is available in a full compliment of sizes, including a sofa, demi and love seat, where they're differentiated only by their lengths. Be sure to select the correct length for your space. All other aspects of the design remain consistent.

Helpful Tip
It takes no time at all to get a slipcover on and off. And here's a helpful tip: if you take one off to wash it, don't let it dry completely before putting it back on. Obviously you don't want to soak the sofa, but with about 5% moisture left in the slipcover, it'll go on with far fewer wrinkles. Just be careful not to stretch it.

By The way
A slipcovered piece has a number of practical benefits. For one, most of the fabrics in our slipcovered program are 100% cotton and therefore, washable. We recommend a measured approach, so always test-wash the smallest cushion cover first, and always on the most gentle of gentle cycles (cold water, hang to dry, no dryer of course). This way, if something goes wrong, it's an easier fix. Also, a slipcover is removable, of course. So it's always easy to have a new one made. We can order one for you from our hundreds of fabrics, or just take your slipcover — not the entire sofa — to any upholsterer and they can simply measure the pattern and sew a new one.