We commissioned these drawings to convey the physical size of The Emporium. First time visitors often remark that the store is a lot larger than they thought. It's true, our store is much larger than it looks from the corner - a real Ottawa furniture destination.

Main Street and Harvey - North East Corner

Inspired by the Wabi-Sabi aesthetic of architectural drawings from celebrated Ottawa firm Barry J. Hobin, Associates and Architects, we worked with local artist John Walmsley on these interpretations of our buildings's three prominent elevations. John is an interesting and low key guy and we had an awesome time working with him on these drawings. We're totally thrilled with how thy turned out! Thanks John and stop in soon!

Harvey Street Elevation - Looking North

The store extends down Harvey Street by about the same distance three houses would take up. Also, we occupy two floors of what was what used to be a house - one of the oldest in the neighbourhood. 

Main Street Elevation - Looking East

This is how the store would look from Main Street - if The Glassworks was more etherial. As you can see, our building wraps around behind The Glassworks, extending our footprint considerably.