Quality Not Quantity

Andrew Tuck writing for Monocle:

What’s really more acceptable: making clothes and leather goods by hand in an atelier that the buyer will treasure for years, or creating a pile of throwaway garments?

And I really liked this next bit.

Luxury brands are also good at using skilled workers and paying them proper salaries, they don’t waste their raw materials and are increasingly scrutinised to make sure they are living up to the ideals they seem to represent.

Yours truly, in a 2011 email to a customer:

Choosing to buy Canadian, you can contribute economically and socially to our collective well being. A good quality product, made from a renewable resource is a responsible proposition. Minimal energy is consumed in the transportation of the raw materials and the finished goods. And a great quality product provides lasting value. You buy it once and you won't find it in the landfill.