Folks keep coming back to The Emporium. Here's what they say:

Carol Doornwaard - Winchester

You and Heather have given us advice which is nothing short of spectacular and that has instilled in us a great confidence and respect for you both.
Thank you.

Mamta Dogra - Ottawa

Hi Ryan,
A little note to say thanks for your patience and help in getting this piece to be just right. I simply wanted it to be what I had envisioned while respecting the integrity of what you had designed. It's not every day that one gets to help design a piece of furniture that is going to be in their home for many years, so thank you for making the experience a good one.

It's comforting to know that what will be built has had a lot of thought and care put into it - you always want to have that feeling.

Margo Watson - Kingston

Dear Ryan and Heather,
I hardly know a good enough way to thank you for all the help and advice you have given me as I have undergone this mini re-decorating at my house. What started off as just stopping by my favourite store on my birthday and sitting on a really comfortable couch led to a whole lot of fun and a whole new look for my home.

You have both been great at recognizing my love of the traditional and hand-crafted but with a bit of flare and twist. I know I would have stayed much more neutral and conservative if I didn’t have you suggesting (or in Ryan’s case deciding for me) things that were a little more interesting and perhaps unexpected. I respect your style and values and I am glad to have yet more of your pieces added to my home.

You were very helpful in coming up with a new floor plan that uses my Stickley pieces and actually puts them back into active use. Our living room is now multi-functional with a place for working or using the laptop at the desk, nice reading spots, great fire-watching and even tv watching. I have been inspired to go “picking” through my own basement to find great things to add personality and family history to the spaces.

Have to say a thank you also to Michael for a couple of visits to the store when he gave me overall design advice and a big thank you to the guys for their delivery – very helpful and professional.

The house is still a work-in-progress (so I will be back) but it is feeling really warm and happy.

Thanks so much.

Wally Robins - Ottawa

Cam and Derrick delivered my bookcases yesterday. As always, they were prompt, extremely professional and super friendly. Derrick was a big hit with both of my dogs too. You are very fortunate to have people like Cam and Derrick on your staff. They are superb representatives of The Emporium and are top-notch customer service practitioners.

The book cases look outstanding. Thanks to The Emporium staff who constructed and finished them.

Sharron McClelland - Munster Hamlet

Sitting here staring at the new unit! It is spectacular! Thank you. Delivery folks were fabulous as well!

Great service! Thank you.

I will take a picture all set up and send it you..Don't ever hesitate to use us as a referral...It would be our pleasure!!