Bromley Iron Bed

$1,360 $1,810
Finish Colour:

It may be enough to like something for its own sake, and certainly the Bromley, pictured here, is not hard to like. By including in your décor, furniture that has a deep history, like this reproduction of a French campaign bed, you can be sure you'll be adding an ingredient that has passed the test of time. Finished in Textured Copper Moss, the Bromley looks like it's been gently used for more than just a few generations. Sure enough, it'll be used for more than a few to come.

  • King
  • • Overall: 77" wide x 86" long
  • • Headboard height: 57"
  • • Footboard height: 35"
  • • Slat height for mattress support: 8"
  • Queen
  • • Overall: 61" wide x 86" long
  • • Headboard height: 57"
  • • Footboard height: 35"
  • • Slat height for mattress support: 8"
  • Double
  • • Overall: 54" wide x 80" long
  • • Headboard height: 57"
  • • Footboard height: 35"
  • • Slat height for mattress support: 8"
  • Twin
  • • Not available
  • • Hand welded joints
  • • Hand poured decorative castings
  • • Castings poured directly over welded joints for extra strength
  • • Hand made in North America
  • • Expert producers with 40+ years experience
  • • Available in a variety of distinctive finishes
  • • All finishes multi-layered and hand applied
  • • High intensity baking process for superior finish durability
  • • Includes purpose-built heavy-gauge steel bedframe for ample support
  • • Bedframe includes three center-supported cross-slats
  • • Easy to assemble
  • • Extra durable fittings where side-rails connect to the posts
  • Dorchester Collection
  • We recommend these beds with absolute confidence. In over twenty years, and with over a thousand delivered, we have yet to encounter a single issue. The designs are classic and easy to succeed with. The finishes are durable and appealing. The build quality is consistently excellent. It requires a full measure of passion to care deeply about design, and to never compromise on quality. And passion never goes out of style. An iron bed from our Dorchester Collection, is design integrity over fleeting fashion, investment over consumption, connection over novelty. These iron beds are intended to last forever. To purchase something just once, and to enjoy it for generations to come, is to, literally, stand the test of time. In more practical terms, iron beds are ideal for pairing with existing, particularly solid wood, bedroom furniture. The rich finishes and differentiated material are a reliable and satisfying foil for the natural tones of wooden case goods.

A Complete System

Purpose-built exceptionally solid bed frame

Dispense with that awkward, free-with-mattress frame from the sleep store; the one with those weird white rollers on the bottom. Each iron bed in our Dorchester Collection is a complete system. The outside posts of the headboard and footboard connect directly to the heavy duty side-rails, and there are three cross-slats, with five feet in total, to provide ample support throughout the middle of the bed. Easy to assemble, it's a clean look and a dependable system – an all-around win.

Mattress Height, Get It Right

It's worth thinking about how high you want your bed. Between the thinnest bed-in-a-box on one end of the spectrum, and the thickest double-super-pillow-top on the other, we've seen mattress between 6" and 26" thick. Our Dorchester Collection iron beds tend to look best with about an 18" combined box-spring and mattress, for a finished height of about 25". The frames are designed for use with a box-spring, but we can certainly accommodate alternative set-ups. Mileage may vary, depending on the particulars. Our recommendation is to give it some thought. It is worth getting right. A too-tall finished height can look quite off. And of course, we can help. Give us a call any time.

A Simple Test for Quality

The sure mark of a rickety, confidence-not-inspiring, inferior metal bed, is the system for connecting the headboard and footboard to the side-rails. The inferior method is to drill a threaded hole into the tube-wall of the outside posts. A predictable point fo failure, even in heavy-gauge posts, this produces too few thread-rings of bite, before the connecting bolt has passed into the hollow of the tube. The superior method, the way our Dorchester Collection iron beds are made, is to back-fit a 1" threaded fitting into the post, such that increased tension across dozens of thread-rings locks the side-rail to the post from the inside. In over twenty years, we're yet to see the failure of a single fitting. Yes, there's a warranty, but you're not going to need it.

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