Glenora Table & Plateau Chairs

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Table Size:

The dining room sets the tone and anchors any décor. It’s an intimate, yet importantly open space. Here is where we invite our families and most intimate friends to join us. It’s where we share in the best of times, the not-so-great, and the simple day-to-day. Pictured here in classic combination – essential ingredients – chairs, table, colour.

We’ve assembled this Special Grouping to include the ever-versatile Glenora oval extension table and our Plateau ladderback chairs. We could combine this table with a dozen different chairs, in a dozen different finishes. Settlement in Canada began with Champlain, long before confederation. There are centuries of rich aesthetic heritage to draw on.

Our Glenora table, which accommodates six, will easily seat ten with the leaves installed. And with four seated around the arcs of the oval, no-one has to feel crowded or bump elbows. The table opens with a double row of heavy-duty guides. The base of the table remains fixed. Only the top moves, and it moves with reliable precision.

At 43” to the top of the back-posts, the Plateau chair cuts a tall silhouette, with a sense of easy formality. This stye of clean, unembellished ladderback was common in the 16th century. The look remains clean today; surprisingly at ease in the modern world.

Both table and chairs are offered here painted Antique Black with Williams Pine; essentially black and tan. It’s a satisfying contrast and a crisp, timeless combination that can easily support a complete design scheme.

  • Plateau Side Chair:
  • • Overall: 19" wide x 22" deep x 43" tall
  • • Seat platter: 17½" wide x 18½" deep
  • • Seat height: 18"
  • Glenora Extension Table:
  • 60" long x 42" wide
  • • With two 14" leaves: extends to 74" or 88" long
  • • With two 17" leaves: extends to 77" or 94" long
  • 66" long x 44" wide
  • • With two 14" leaves: extends to 80" or 94" long
  • • With two 17" leaves: extends to 83" or 100" long
  • 72" long x 48" wide
  • • With two 14" leaves: extends to 86" or 100" long
  • • With two 17" leaves: extends to 89" or 106" long
  • • Overall table height: 30"
  • • Apron height: 1¾"
  • • Floor to apron: 28¼"
  • • Top: 1¼" thick
  • Custom sizes available
  • Plateau Side Chair:
  • Finish
  • • Colour: Antique Black frame, Williams Pine seat
  • • Process: Stained seat, Painted frame
  • • Treatment: Hand Sanded
  • • Custom finishes available
  • Construction
  • • Bench-made, solid maple frames, solid pine seats
  • • Frame pegged at crucial stress points
  • • Dished seat platters
  • Glenora Extension Table:
  • Finish
  • • Colour: Williams Pine top, Antique Black apron and pedestal assembly
  • • Process: Stained top, Painted base with Natural Wear
  • • Treatment: Hand Planed top, Smooth Planed apron and pedestal assembly
  • Custom finishes available
  • Construction
  • • Material: Knotty Pine
  • • Bench-made by skilled craftsmen
  • • Rugged, heavy-duty extension hardware
  • Special Groupings
  • We spend a lot of time trying to think like travellers. And as any traveller will tell you, each destination has a unique energy and a distinct perspective. This is the call of foreign soil. Why leave home for more of the same?

    Destinations are defined by their own peculiar character. With local conditions, over time, and the hewing forces of sifting, sorting and selection, a characteristic narrative emerges. And indeed, a unique aesthetic.

    Our Special Groupings are organized around our own distinct perspective. For one, they play to our organizational strengths. Our solid wood furniture is made in Canada and hand finished in small runs in our Ottawa wood studio. From the back-of-house perspective, our groupings are optimized for tight fabrication, fast transport and efficient finishing. Any opportunity to batch processes is an opportunity to reduce costs create value. With an emphasis on practical quality, our objective is to create groupings that are financially compelling, uniquely desirable, and very much, of Canada.

    We are devoted to, and steeped in the hewing forces unique narrative of the most familiar of all destinations; home. Canada is a young country with a still-emerging history and aesthetic character. To us, so familiar, but to the traveller, rich, energetic and absolutely distinct.   

Accommodates Two Leaves

Adding leaves is a breeze, and with the heavy-duty extension hardware, easily a one person job. Pull from the end of the table and the top glides open. With one leaf or two, you'll be hosting guests at the drop of a hat. 

Glenora double pedestal extension table with no leaves
Glenora double pedestal table with leaves, opened up, without the leaves
Prince edward collection extension table, opened up, one leaf installed
Glenora table with two centre leaves installed, opened up
Glenora extending double pedestal table with both leaves installed

Hand Planed

We love the way a hand planed, and hand finished wood table top brings a captivating richness and warmth into a decor. We love the subtle way it softens the sight lines and absorbs light instead of reflecting it. Usually there are plenty of shiny surfaces. Instead of a shiny table surface competing with the sparkle of your table setting, a rich warm background balances, frames, and enhances it. Every gathering just feels better. Don't forget the candles!

Closeup of hand planed solid pine table top, stained williams pine

Included in This Grouping

Glenora double pedestal extension table is included in this grouping The plateau ladderback chair is included in this special grouping

This Special Grouping includes our Glenora double-pedestal extension table and Plateau ladderback chairs, finished in Antique Black with Williams Pine. Both items are available individually, and in custom finishes.  

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