The Holden Series in Dune



With elegantly sloped arms, flush-front seat cushions, square back cushions, and tapered legs, our Holden series has a contemporary, clean-lined look.

Pictured here in white, the fabric is deceptively rugged. If you want bright white in your decor, but you're wary of choosing a white sofa, the Holden Dune may be for you.

In spite of its modern, spare appearance, the holden has a lovely, generous feel. With an ever-so-slightly formal "sit", the Holden is amply spacious and supportive. Modern is not necessarily uncomfortable. Admittedly, some sofas are not for sitting. For those that are, good design is always comfortable.

In the world of design, time discards. Every decade countless things are designed, created, and manufactured. Most are consigned to the dustbin of history. But every so often, objects emerge with enduring appeal. Fad, then, becomes fashion – but only for a small minority of created items. Fewer still become true classics.

Modern, as a design movement, has strong roots in Germany. Throughout the inflation of the post WWI era, money was scarce. Designers were called on to design less costly furniture. Like with fashion in apparel – when money is tight, skirts get shorter – and upholstery gets leaner. The classic design of the Holden has changed very little over the years. It might have been designed yesterday.


Sofa: 85" long x 36" deep x 36" tall  
Demi Sofa: 77" long x 36" deep x 36" tall  
Love Seat: 54" long x 36" deep x 36" tall  
Chair: 30.5" long x 36" deep x 36" tall  
Ottoman: 26" long x 19" deep x 20" tall

• Arm height: 24"
• Seat height: 18"
• Seat depth: 20"

Fabric Notes

Dune is a hardy woven fabric, in a light oatmeal, mottled tone, with a ribbed texture and a subtly dark fleck. Good for 100,000 "Double Rubs" (a standardized fabric abrasion test), contents are 46% cotton, 43% viscose and 5.5% linen and polyester. Dune has a lovely, natural feel, and a surprisingly substantial weight. It's a nice, light colour with very little sheen. In direct sunlight, it can read bright white, but with the mottling and dark fleck, is far more forgiving. It's a great choice for a hard wearing, crisp look. 

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