Solid Cherry Windsor Arm Chair

Bellwood Collection

Solid Cherry Windsor Arm Chair


We've been selling this faithful reproduction Windsor chair for more than twenty years. Hand made in Ontario, every stick is solid cherry; through and through. This is somewhat unusual, as Windsor chairs are often assembled from multiple wood species. The entire chair, rather than only the cherry components, will develop a rich, uniform patina. The generously dished seat platter is a mark of craftsmanship and adds comfortable refinement to this chair's wonderfully supportive feel.

Also available as a side chair.

  • • 24" wide x 26.5" deep x 42" tall
  • • Seat height: 18"
  • Finish
  • • Colour: Natural Cherry
  • • Process: Clear Lacquered
  • • Treatment: Hand Sanded
  • Construction
  • • Wood species: Cherry
  • • Bench-made from solid wood
  • Bellwood Collection
  • Our Bellwood Collection includes faithful reproduction Windsor chairs and settees. Hand made in Ontario, we can not overstate the craftsmanship that goes into this seating collection. For one, the attention to detail shows tremendous respect for the design legacy of original Windsor chairs. As well, the leg and back assemblies are hand jointed, with traditional and proven methods. It's one thing to get the design and fabrication right. It’s quite another, the true mark of excellence, to get the comfort right. Chair comfort, or ‘feel’, is a subtle thing, relating to the relative pitch of the seat and the back. These designs haven't changed for twenty years, and for good reason.

Alternate Finishes Available

This item was finished in our Ottawa Finishing Shop. With more than thirty-five years furniture finisheng experience, we offer a number of standard and permium finishes. For those demanding situations or tough-to-match colours, we offer custom finishes and a colour match service.

Solid Cherry

Cherry wood is prized by woodworkers and furniture collectors alike. A hardwood, with a smooth texture and quiet grain, cherry, when new, is light in colour with a subtly pink cast. Beloved as a ‘living’ wood, cherry responds to its environment, aging gracefully, and developing a rich patina. A years-old-piece of cherry will mellow into a rich red-brown.

Solid Cherry Dining Table

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