Wolf Ears Stool in Williams Pine

Champlain Collection

Wolf Ears Stool in Williams Pine

This solid and comfortable stool is the result of a well considered effort to "stoolify" our classic Wolf Ears Chair. The pine, dished seat is generous in size and provides ample space for a restless bottom. The foot-rest is well placed to avoid dangling, tired legs. Construction is smart and meticulous. The back posts are integral to the leg assembly, transferring weight directly to the floor. And with a pegged, solid maple frame, this stool can be counted on for years and years of reliable service. Available with or without a pierced back-rail.

There are two size related options. Frame size determines the footprint of the stool and the size (length x width) of the seat. To the extent that the smaller frame is more flexible in a given space, most folks find the larger seat more comfortable, even chair-like, to sit on. Both frame sizes are available either Bar Height or Counter Height, ideal for standard 42" bars or 36" counters, respectively.

  • Bar Stool – 30" Seat Height
  • –Large Frame–
  • • Overall: 19" wide x 19.5" deep x 43" tall
  • • Seat platter: 19" wide x 17" deep  
  • –Small Frame–
  • • Overall: 16.5" wide x 16.5" deep x 43" tall
  • • Seat platter: 16.5" wide x 13.75" deep  
  • Counter Stool – 24" Seat Height
  • –Large Frame–
  • • Overall: 19" wide x 19.5" deep x 37.25" tall
  • • Seat platter: 19" wide x 17" deep  
  • –Small Frame–
  • • Overall: 16.5" wide x 16.5" deep x 37.25" tall
  • • Seat platter: 16.5" wide x 13.75" deep  
  • Finish
  • • Colour: Williams Pine
  • • Process: Stained
  • • Treatment: Hand Sanded
  • • Custom finishes available
  • Construction
  • • Bench-made, solid maple frames, solid pine seats
  • • Frames pegged at crucial stress points
  • • Dished seat platters
  • Champlain Collection
  • Growing up, we'd go on family ski trips to Mont Sainte Anne. We'd visit Quebec City and tour around Île d'Orléans. Always on the look out for interesting furniture, we'd seek out objects and expressions of the local vernacular. We rented ski chalets and had a funny habit of rearranging the furniture and re-imagining the decor. These were great trips. Family times, great skiing and good food. We noticed that the wood furniture had a local flavour and we adored the old painted finishes. Our Champlain Collection was inspired by those trips.

Dished Seat Platter

Wolf ear stool dished seat platter detail shot

A mark of craftsmanship and a sure sign of comfort, a dished chair seat provides a full measure of additional design refinement. Character in the wood grain is revealed along a third dimension. The play of light is more lively across the moulded contours. A hint at its intended purpose, its natural compliment in relief.

The Corresponding Chair

It's common in an open-concept home to see dining chairs and counter stools in the same space. There's as strong a case for uniformity in this situation, as there is for variety. Perhaps the variety has been layered in elsewhere, or perhaps the intended effect is more subtle, with the chairs and stools matched, but in contrasting colours. 

Wolf ears side chair

Pierced Back-Rail 

Pierced back-rail detail shot

In a Wolf Ears Stool (or chair), the back-rails are the horizontal components that connect the to two vertical posts, thus creating the ladder-back effect. This particular style has a tall top rail, providing natural opportunity for visual embellishment. We offer the Wolf Ear Stool with two back treatments: solid or pierced. Solid is what it says on the tin, plain with no embellishment. Pierced rails receive a machine-cut stylized cross motif. It's a nice layer of visual interest and has the added effect of balancing the negative space in the seat-back rhythm.   

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