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Have you ever been disappointed by a furniture purchase? With our structured seven step approach, we absolutely guarantee great results. Good planning is always less costly than poor purchasing. Learn more.

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Our transparent four step process guides you from concept to completion, and with your input every step of the way. Get started now.

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We've been finishing furniture for thirty-five years. If you've got an old piece that could use a new lease on life, we can help you fall in love again. Request a quotation.

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Current Features

New items and favourites from around the store.

Pendleton Blankets

Pendleton Woolen Mills created the first machine-woven Native American trade blankets in about 1900. They were an immediate success, as mechanized looms reduced prices and the designs were sympathetic to Native tastes. Available in a range of spectacularly rich and colourful patters, a welcome addition to any home. For quality, warmth and authenticity, you just can't beat Pendleton blankets.

Slipcovered Demi Sofa

Our Mariposa Collection Demi Sofa is an enduring favourite, and an easy choice when you want style and superior comfort. Feather-wrapped cushions, generous seat depth, and a low, rolled arm make this sofa extra-cozy. The tailored 100% cotton slipcover is sophisticated, casual, and super-functional: easy to remove for cleaning or when you want to just change up the look.

Hickory Frame Collection

This uniquely robust and hand-built collection is produced from actual hickory saplings. Each frame component is carefully sourced and meticulously selected to serve its intended purpose. Steam-bent posts and back rails provide a level of refinement seldom available in furniture with such a rustic feel. Patterns and colours in the fabric selections are drawn from a familiar North American palette.