We deliver bespoke furniture every week and have been doing so since 1978.

Our Custom Furniture process has been tested, modified and refined. Whether we're tailoring one of our current pieces to your specific measurements or finish, or designing a new piece from scratch, working with the Emporium process you're guaranteed results that will delight you.

Here's how our process works:

Step 1: Concept Discussion

We'll start with a discussion to understand your needs - your space limitations, desired functionality, design inspiration. Even with a vague sense, we can start to form a shared vision. The value in this exercise is that it gets everyone thinking about and imagining the finished product. More importantly, it helps us to understand what information we need to move forward. This step is marked by a concept sketch, and a price estimate.

Step 2: Measurement and Photos

Every design project involves balancing the non-negotiables - the size of your room, location of doorways, windows, and fireplaces, the items to be stored in a case piece. Within the limitations of the project and your ultimate wish list we piece together a design that works for you. We work with photos and accurate measurements of your space. At this step, we'll review the project cost and ask for a 25% deposit.

Step 3: Build-ready Drawing

We'll use the information we've gathered to produce a detailed, scaled, build-ready drawing of your Custom Furniture. This is an exciting step, as your ideas come to life on paper. Sometimes there is a little back and forth as we tailor your drawing to get it just right.

Step 4: Build

With your approval on the final drawing, we build. In approximately 6 weeks your new Custom Furniture, finished to your taste, will be ready for delivery.

View our Emporium Custom Gallery for a sample of what we have built for our customers. Email or call us about your idea, and we will help bring it to life.