Add & Match is a unique service that we provide, and just one of the many reasons our customers keep coming back.

New home? Growing family? Empty Nest? There are as many reasons to buy a new piece of furniture as there are pieces to choose from.

We believe in choosing pieces you can add to, leveraging the value of what you already have, and building a harmonious, high quality collection over time.

We design and produce many of our collections ourselves and we finish them in-house. Our carefully considered, timeless designs mean we don't need to discontinue our collections, change trim details or change finishes. Our most popular finishes have been offered since we opened in 1978 (when Heather & Michael were applying them in the back of the Main Street store with a vacuum cleaner running on reverse!)

When you shop at The Emporium, you can feel confident that when you come back one, two, or ten years later, you’ll be able to purchase additional pieces that match. You can add another piece from the same collection, purchase from another collection and match the paint or stain, or even re-purpose furniture you already have with our Finishing Shop services. We regularly match pieces originally purchased decades ago.

You don’t need to re-buy something because you can't find anything to match what you already have. Add & Match instead.

Every item that you find at The Emporium has been carefully chosen to suit the distinct, timeless, aesthetic that we’ve built over the years. When you have high quality furniture that is carefully selected for aesthetic consistency, you will be able to enjoy it for a lifetime. You can move your collection to a new home, re-arrange, and redecorate with what you already have.

We consistently hear from our customers how happy they are to be building a great collection of Emporium pieces. When you shop at The Emporium, you are purchasing pieces that will continue to delight you as your needs and lifestyle change.