Loyalist Refinishing

$$ Affordable, Dramatic Results

Stain is absorbed into the wood and shows the wood grain, whereas paint lays on top of the wood and produces an opaque finish, thus concealing the wood grain.

This is an affordable process because we do not remove the original finish. It's somewhat more costly than option 1 because of the additional labour and materials involved with applying multiple coats of paint.

In some cases, we're able to remove the existing finish without too much trouble. Large flat surfaces are efficient to work with. This provides the opportunity to apply two-tone finishes and in a variety of colours. For example, a table with a stained top and a painted base - one of our more popular finishes.

This is an excellent option if you have great furniture, but you're ready for a fresh look. We're able to achieve a dramatic change at a reasonable cost, and in any colour you choose.