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Abeille Dining Set

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One only.


The Abeille glassware line is an excellent choice for Sunday tea time. Their bee motif and glass construction make them light and airy, perfect for cheerful hosting. Enjoy seasonal celebrations with Abeille collection.


Mug: 3.5" diameter x 4" tall
Goblet Glass: 3.25" diameter x 5.5" tall
Shot Glass: 2" diameter x 2.5" tall
Soup bowl: 5.5" diameter x 3.25" tall
Dinner plate: 10" diameter
Small Carafe: 4.25" diameter x 9" tall
Large carafe: 4.5" diameter x 11" tall


• Material: Glass
• Set includes: 3 mugs; 4 goblets; 6 shot glasses; 6 soup bowls; 6 dinner plates; 2 small carafes; 1 large carafe. 
• Dishwasher safe
• Avoid strong thermal shocks

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