Taos Cabinet in Rustic Cherry


This cabinet was created with great care and attention to Classical proportions. Designed in-house, and bench built by a master cabinetmaker, the weathered old pine and hand worked embellishments are our affectionate nod to the southwest. Sure to be a coveted heirloom.

• Outside dimensions: 54"W x 19"D x 82"T
• Buffet only: 52"W x 19"D x 34"T

Additional sizes and finishes available.
Lower unit available separately.

• Colour: Antique Cherry
• Knobs: Antique Cherry
• Back boards: Fort York Red
• Treatment: Smooth planed
• Wear: No wear on stained finishes

• Solid wood construction
• Individually glazed door panes
• Salvaged antique glass
• Hand built from reclaimed pine from an old barn
• Mortise and tenon joinery
• Double flat panel doors with picture frame moulding
• Half round pilaster trim on outside edge
• 1/4" bead trim detail around doors
• Pegged joints on the door frame
• Ogee feet
• Excessive weathering reconditioned with black epoxy
• Hand carved squash blossom embellishment
• Generous cove style crown moulding
• Dovetail drawers
• Hand carved bracket detail

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Territorial Collection

New Mexico is a spectacular landscape. Before statehood, Anglo settlers arriving from the northeast found, in the old Spanish capital at Santa Fe, an aesthetic profoundly different from the one they had left behind.

The Spanish had been living among the Hopi for 350 years. The adobe houses that the Spanish had adapted from Hopi tribes were perfectly suited to the high desert.

These houses and their furnishings were unfamiliar, especially in the context of the Classical Greek tradition from back east.

Many settlers applied Spanish and Native design practices. And gradually, a locally sensitive yet Classically informed aesthetic emerged.

This period and its artifacts are known as Territorial.

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Reclaimed Wood

For rich character and depth of interest, reclaimed wood is an ideal choice. No two pieces are alike. A mottled appearance and variation of colour are to be expected and appreciated.

This furniture is constructed using aged and weathered materials. Please expect variation of colour and wood condition on made to order purchases.

For less varied colour production and a more uniform effect, please consider furniture made from new materials.

As with all wood products, the environment in which this item is placed will interact with the wood and in some cases slight movement or settling can occur. Long periods of exposure to direct sunlight will likely cause fading.

Of Note

Salvaged Glass

The glass in the doors was taken from an old farmhouse south of Ottawa. Recovering the brittle panes from the original windows was a painstaking task - but well worth it. The weathered effect is ideal for the old barn wood cabinet.

Two Panel Doors

These are double flat panel doors. The frame is assembled from five separate pieces, with one floating panel either side of the centre stile. To soften the edges and add interest, the panels are trimmed with a small picture frame moulding. On wider doors, a two panel assembly creates a more slender silhouette.

Hand Cut Dovetails

The drawer boxes are solid pine on all five sides - dovetails front and back. In this case, there's no drawer hardware. For longevity, a wooden drawer in a well constructed wooden case, can not be beat. In a hundred years, these drawers will work like the day they were made. No moving parts means nothing to break. Simple and effective - a wooden box in a wooden case.

Individually Glazed Panes

The doors are made with real muntin bars, and each pane is individually glazed. The antique glass is cut to size, fitted into the back of the muntin bars and tacked into place with fine glazing strips.

Trim Details

The trim details reveal Classical and Spanish influence. Half round pilasters provide strength of stature. A 1/4" applied bead adds substance around the door and drawer openings. The curved bracket supporting the upper doors and the squash blossom are motifs from the southwest.

Red Back Boards

The bead board back relates to the beaded trim detail on the case. Also, it helps to distinguish the back as solid wood. These back boards are painted red, to add interest and to layer in an easily repeated accent colour.

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