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Lisa Sideboard in Red



This cupboard is an adaptation of our Lanark Collection Sideboard - a long standing store favourite. A customer fell in love with it, but needed closed storage rather than open shelving. We were happy to accommodate, of course, and pleased with the result. This cabinet was built for a mudroom - a great solution for keys, mail, pocket change and the kids' backpacks tucked neatly below.


42" wide x 15.25" deep x 35" tall

Additional sizes and finishes available.


• Pegged mortice and tenon joinery
• Dovetail drawers
• Floating, flat panel doors
Material: Solid pine
• Treatment: Hand planed
• Finish: Lacquer clear-coats over painted base
• Colour: Fort York Red
• Wear: Natural

• Origin: Canada


Available in all Emporium Finishes.

• Custom Finishes: Available
• Custom Sizes: Available
• Custom Design Variations: Available

Dovetail Drawers

The drawer boxes are solid pine on all five sides - with dovetails. In this case there's no drawer hardware. For longevity, a wooden drawer in a well constructed wooden case, can not be beat. In a hundred years, these drawers will work like the day they were made. No moving parts means nothing to break. Simple and effective - a wooden box in a wooden case.

Proper Joinery

The frame components are morticed together. There's a groove in the stile and a tongue on the rail - referred to as a mortise and a tenon. A rail is a vertical frame component and a stile runs horizontal. The parts are fit together, glued and pegged into place. These solid joints aren't going anywhere. You can see the pegs in the images above.

New World Priorities

Pre-industrial cabinetmakers would have planed all their material by hand. Any old world craftsman could work a table top to a perfect shine, but in the new world, priorities weren't so refined. Looking closely at an old Canadian harvest table, it's easy to identify the tool marks.

Hand Planed

Hand planing produces a uniquely rustic effect. Tool marks accept stain or paint differently. The result is a warmly mottled finish. We use a number of hand tools to produce this textured treatment. Our priority is authenticity. To avoid a partially machined appearance, we planed this cabinet's components before it was assembled.

Custom Furniture

Please call for pricing.

This product was designed and built especially for a customer. With production drawings on file, we can promptly begin production of another.

The cost to reproduce a custom design is not necessarily equal to the cost of the original. As well, design and finish variations can sometimes reduce the price.

From final approval until delivery, we require approximately 7-9 weeks for a custom build.

For more information or to discuss adapting this design, please call or read about our custom furniture service.



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