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Alamos Cabinet in Rustic Cherry

Knob Colour:


Designed in-house, this one piece cabinet is built from salvaged barn wood and is artisan crafted with meticulous care.

Ideal as a striking yet functional backdrop for dinnerware or favourite objects, our dish dresser will add a refined, rustic presence to your space.

Territorial Collection

New Mexico is a spectacular landscape. Before statehood, Anglo settlers arriving from the northeast found, in the old Spanish capital at Santa Fe, an aesthetic profoundly different from the one they had left behind.

The Spanish had been living among the Hopi for 350 years. The adobe houses that the Spanish had adapted from Hopi tribes were perfectly suited to the high desert.

These houses and their furnishings were unfamiliar, especially in the context of the Classical Greek tradition from back east.

Many settlers applied Spanish and Native design practices. And gradually, a locally sensitive yet Classically informed aesthetic emerged.

This period and its artifacts are known as Territorial.


• Outside dimensions: 53.5" wide x 19" deep x 84" tall 
• Lower section: 47.5" wide x 19" deep x 35" tall

Additional sizes and finishes available.


• Material: Reclaimed Wood
• Treatment: Hand sanded
• Finish: Lacquer clear-coats over a water-based stain
• Colour: Antique Cherry
• Origin: Canada


Available in all Emporium Finishes

• Custom Finishes: Available
• Custom Sizes: Available
• Custom Design Variations: Not available

Reclaimed Wood

For rich character and depth of interest, reclaimed wood is an ideal choice. No two pieces are alike. A mottled appearance and variation of colour are to be expected and appreciated.

This furniture is constructed using aged and weathered materials. Please expect variation of colour and wood condition on made to order purchases.

For less varied colour production and a more uniform effect, please consider furniture made from new materials.

As with all wood products, the environment in which this item is placed will interact with the wood and in some cases slight movement or settling can occur. Long periods of exposure to direct sunlight will likely cause fading.

Of Note

Hidden Away or Out On Display

At 53" x 84", this is a big piece, and with ample storage space, a sure hit where clutter's concerned. Open shelves are nice for showing off and arranging favourite objects. The trick is to make it look un-arranged. Hint: three is the magic number.

Raised Panel Doors

These are raised panel doors. The door frame is mortised together from four separate pieces - with a floating panel in the centre. This panel is machined to give it a raised look, hence the name. In this case, the frame components are chamfered to add interest. Besides looking good, frame and panel doors are far less likely to warp than single panel doors.

Generous Crown

A generous crown produces a sense of stature - it compensates for the optics of a low perspective, as things tend to appear narrower when we look up at them. In this case we've used a cove for the crown moulding.

Depth of Interest

Barn wood was the natural choice for our Territorial Collection. A product of time - like the high desert landscape - old pine boards, rustic and weathered by the seasons.


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