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Glenora Table and Four Whittaker in Black/Williams

$4,269.00 $5,020.00

Included in this bundle, our Glenora Table and Four Whittaker Side Chairs. Additional Chairs available to order in. 


Save 15% on Glenora Table and Whittaker Chair dining sets. 

Our Prince Edward Collection is named in the spirit of independence, optimism and resilience. It’s not easy to leave hearth and home. Settlers in the British North American colonies sacrificed much. Following the American Revolution, some settlers remained loyal to the British Empire. No longer welcome in the United States, Loyalists, as they came to be known, left home once more and settled on land granted them by the Crown.

Many Loyalists settled along the shores of Lake Ontario, including Prince Edward County. Having fled to the north, the Loyalists set about rebuilding their lives. Most brought no furniture. The furniture they made was inspired by the furniture they had back home; in the United States and even England. It was pared down; simplified by a demanding agricultural life in a spectacular wilderness. It was solid, practical and for its time, austere.

Made from maple, the structural finishes to the Whittaker Chair has a timeless and modern feel. Whittaker is also available in a tall size for a more fitting look in your dining room.


Glenora Table
59" long x 41" wide x 30" tall 

Whittaker Chairs
22" wide x 22" deep x 40" tall


Glenora Table
• Material: Solid, knotty pine
• Bench-made by skilled craftsmen
• Rugged, heavy-duty extension hardware
• Finish: Stained top, painted base with natural wear
• Colour: Williams Pine top, Antique Black Apron and pedestal assembly

Whittaker Chairs
• Material: maple 
• Treatment: Hand sanded
• Finish: Lacquer clear-coats over water base painted
• Colour: Black
• Origin: Canada

Hand Planed

We love the way a hand planed, and hand finished wood table top brings a captivating richness and warmth into a decor. We love the subtle way it softens the sight lines and absorbs light instead of reflecting it. Usually there are plenty of shiny surfaces. Instead of a shiny table surface competing with the sparkle of your table setting, a rich warm background balances, frames, and enhances it. Every gathering just feels better. Don't forget the candles!

Closeup of hand planed solid pine table top, stained williams pine


Included in this bundle, our Glenora Table and four Whittaker Side Chair.

Emporium Bundles offer exceptional value. We select pieces that work well together, and offer them in a package at a really great price. 


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