Hillsdale Table in Black/Williams

End-Leaf Extensions:


The Hillsdale table is made to look like an exceptionally well preserved antique. The spool turnings embody the classic proportions typical of its time. The apron is bead-trimmed along the bottom edge, and unlike many tables made today, the table top overhangs the base by a comfortable margin.

Quite unusually, the radius corners at the of the legs mirror the radius corners of the tabletop. The table shown here includes a drawer, but if you see no need for one its absence will not detract from its simple beauty.

We copied this table from the original because the woodworker was obviously well trained, making sure each element and the overall proportions were perfect. Often mistakenly called a harvest table, the Hillsdale Table is a copy of a kitchen table. As a rule, harvest tables were made of simple planks resting on two or three sawhorses, and seldom used otherwise.


Available in 4 sizes: 

Five Foot
• 5' long x 38" wide x 30" tall

Six Foot
• 6' long x 38" wide x 30" tall

Seven Foot
7' long x 40" wide x 30" tall

Eight Foot
• 8' long x 40" wide x 30" tall


Material: Solid clear pine
• Hand fit mortice and tenon joinery
• Optional proud-fit drawers
• Treatment: Hand Hewn top with sanded base
• Finish: Painted base with stained top
• Colour: Black base with Williams top
• Hardware: Wood knobs on optional drawers
• Origin: Canada

Given the real cost of a good kitchen table, it would have been unlikely to find its way outside. Common enough, many kitchen tables were not beautiful. We copied this one because the original captured the very essence of its time. Kitchen tables were work tables. Table tops were often white pine, and regularly scrubbed to clean up after bottling, canning, and butchering. The legs on the original were painted black, perhaps to cover up the battering the legs suffered, rather than as a decorative detail.

Furniture throughout the Americas was commonly painted in the 18th and 19th Centuries. Then, as now, black enabled furniture to transcend the design fashion of the day. Its use is a sophisticated remedy when creating interiors with longevity. 


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