Hatley TV Media Console in Black/Williams

$2,239 $2,980

We designed The Hatley TV Console as a compliment to our popular Sutton Sideboard. The dimensional lumber is a match, as are the recessed frame rails, beaded top rail, and post-and-panel side gables. It's an obvious sibling.

The cabinet is made entirely from solid wood, including the back. The horizontal "rails" are set back within the vertical "styles", emphasizing reveal and depth. The bottom rail and the door panels are trimmed with a 1/4" bead, creating an intentional shadow line, again emphasizing reveal and depth. All three bays have two adjustable shelves. The shelves in the centre bay have attached fascias, preserving the uniform face-frame and adding visual mass.

When standard sizes are not suitable a custom cabinet may be the answer. Contact us


The Hatley is available in three sizes. Based based on a quick survey of available televisions, we think the following guidelines are reasonable:  

• 60" wide x 19" deep x 25" tall
• Maximum screen size: 55"

• 66" wide x 19" deep x 25" tall
• Maximum screen size: 65"

• 72" wide x 19" deep x 25" tall
• Maximum screen size: 75"

These guidelines are approximations only.

You may have space constraints. And you may prefer a larger or smaller cabinet, relative to the television. We recommend that you measure and consider your particular situation.

Finish Notes

Black paint with our custom Williams mid-tone stain; traditionally called black and tan. These two non-colours denote warm sophistication, balancing interiors in need of intentional grounding. A timeless combination when used in saddles, offset by bridle bits; in furniture, offset by hinges and knobs; luggage, offset by locks and hinges; men's watches, offset by bezels and cases; and automobile interiors, offset by knobs, buttons, and dashboard details. And in this instance, the cabinet, offset by the shiny black and shiny chrome parts of your television and associated devoices. 

Black williams mid-tone stain

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