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Marion Cupboard in Black/Williams

Full Extension Device Shelf:
Wear Marks:


A sizeable, spacious, two-piece cabinet. Between the counter top, five rows of adjustable shelves (three upper, two lower), and interior floor of the lower cabinet, the Marion provides 35 linear feet storage and display space. A great quality cabinet with traditional notes and a clean look.

Every inch is solid pine, including the v-groove backboards. The generous crown moulding is topped off by a solid, finished board, so objects can be placed on top and will not fall behind the moulding. And for two-story installations, the bookcase looks great from above. The mortice and tenon joinery in the face-frame is pegged, which adds resilience, and is a nice visual touch to boot. The overlay doors (an L-shape notch on the right-hand door, closes against a corresponding notch on the left-hand door, such that there is no gap between the doors) have flat panels, with well proportioned, ogee profile, bolection moulding.

The lower cabinet is intentionally wider than the upper, and nests into 3/4" moulding, which holds it in place and repeats the trim detail under the countertop and across the top of the base moulding. The effect is a lower cabinet that appears (and is) solid, like it can easily support the weight above.   

The door openings and face-frame around the upper columns are trimmed in 1/4" applied bead moulding. It ads an element of polish and a subtle shadow line to catch the eye. The base moulding runs tight to the floor, which keeps the look clean, and helps with dust too.

A true multipurpose cabinet, the Marion is, broadly speaking, a step-back. Because the upper cabinet "steps back" from the lower cabinet – in this case by 10.5". Ideal in a kitchen, dining room, library, office, living room. Assuming you've got the space, for practical purposes, a step-back cabinet is tough to beat.

Closed storage, for things you can't stand the sight of. Open storage, for thing you can't get enough of. And the countertop forms an extra deep shelf. Stereo equipment, house plants, oversize books, serving dishes, printers, scanners, baskets: all squared away and looking good.

Shown here in Black paint with our Williams stain, and with hand worked Wear Marks. Design variations and numerous finishes are available upon request.


• Select with or without a Full Extension Device Shelf
• Select with or without Wear Marks


Overall: 73" wide x 24" deep x 85" tall

Upper cabinet: 73" wide x 17.5" deep x 52.5" tall
• Case depth: 13.5"
• Interior depth: 11.5"
• Shelf depth: 12.5"
• Centre column: 16" wide x 46.75" tall
• Outside columns: 19.75" wide x 46.75" tall

Lower cabinet: 69.5" wide x 24' deep x 32.5" tall
• Case depth: 23"
• Interior depth: 21"
• Shelf depth: 21"
• Door openings: 29.5" wide x 24" tall
• Full extension device shelf: 27.5" wide x 21" deep

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelves

Adjustable shelves are crucial for flexibility of use. This cabinet features our simple yet sturdy cleat-and-trammel system. Solid, wooden pegs are arranged in slotted rails. They are easy to adjust – even with a loaded shelf – difficult to lose, and simple to replace.

Full Extension Device Shelf
Full extension device shelf

Not necessarily crucial, but a solid, full extension shelf is definitely a nice-to-have, for internet gear, printers, stereo equipment or anything else that requires regular, reliable access.  

Wear Marks
Two tone finish

We're experienced with a variety of two-tone finish techniques. This style, we call "Wear Marks". Once the cabinet is painted we wear back the paint to expose the bare wood, and then layer on some stain to tone down the white of the exposed wood. It's a by-hand process that involves sand paper and scouring pads, depending on the precise effect. We then clear-coat with one sealer and two lacquer applications, which provide a uniform texture and reflective value. We can add more or fewer Wear Marks, or avoid them all together.    


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