Six Piece Oak Dining Set in Down Pipe/Provincial



This is a used solid wood dining room set. We finished it originally, probably in the 70s, and we finished it again, just recently. 

This pedestal table and buffet & hutch is from our now-retired Loyalist Collection. We sold countless these over many, many years.

The cabinet and table are solid oak. We finished the pine chairs to match. 


Everything under the finish is solid wood. The case is rigid, the drawers run smooth, and the dovetails are rock solid. 

The mechanism to open and close the table works well, with smooth running gears. The leaf fits well. One demerit is the small crack where the two halves of the table top come apart. 


How durable is the new finish? Very durable, and candidly, less durable than an all new item. We finished over the existing finish, not over new wood. We guarantee it, apart from abuse, for one year. 

With reasonable care, we don't expect any problems. With decades of experience, we have reliably solid judgment in selecting candidate pieces for refinishing, and creating solid outcomes.  

Also, when a new finish fails, it fails quickly.  We wouldn't offer it for sale.  

Is it Gross?

We don't think so. This item has been thoroughly cleaned, sanded, and recoated with an all-new minimum five-layer finish. 


This is not a new item, but it very nearly looks it. It passes the five-feet-away test easily. Up close, and with a flash light, you will notice imperfections. Photos are of the actual item offered for sale. 


This set new, in solid oak, would come in at over $12,000. Oak has gotten  to be very costly.  


• Table:  42" wide x 60" long x 30" tall 
• Leaf: 18" 
• Chairs: 18" wide x 20" deep x 43" tall 
• Buffet & Hutch: 56" wide z 18.5" deep x 78" tall 


We think it's cool and the opposite of wasteful to spruce up an old piece and keep i t out of the trash. 

Refinishing Process

• Disassemble, remove all doors, drawers, and hardware
• Clean with mineral spirits
• Surface scuff-sand (to help the new finish adhere)
• Relic sand, to blend and or enhance damage or surface wear. 
• Mask off the interior of the cabinet and drawers, depending on design preference 
• One coat of primer, depending on colour
• Two-three coats of paint, depending on the colour
• Sanding between coats
• One sealer and two lacquer clear-coats, sanding between coats
• Wax the drawer guides
• Replace hardware, as needed, depending on design preference
• Reassemble


• Material: Oak table and cabinet, pine chairs. 
• Colour: Down Pipe, with contrast interior. 
• Origin: The Emporium


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