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Watters Buffet in Antique Cherry

Knob Colour:


Our Watters buffet is not big. It is sized to perfectly suit short walls or smaller dining rooms, but it could be used as a server, a sofa back credenza, or to grace an entrance way. Practical – store your favourite dishes behind the doors.

Aesthetically functional – create a focal point, display your favourite collectables, hang art over it, and light it with a pair of lamps. Note the repeating curve in the backsplash, the arched top-rail, and the shelf front.

This example is made from reclaimed wood. Nothing beats reclaimed wood for building timeless furniture. Carefully sourced reclaimed wood is as good for making furniture today as the day it was cut. But it has an additional feature – patina – the wood has mellowed. Old wood can be milled exactly like new wood, but the finished furniture has an aesthetic ambience very hard to duplicate. 


• 54" wide x 19" deep x 40" tall


• Material: Solid reclaimed wood
• Treatment: 
• Finish: Lacquer clear-coats over water-based stain 
• Colour: Antique Cherry
• Origin: Canada

Highly Versatile

Furniture is practical, but furniture takes up space, so the aesthetic impact ought to inform your choice as well. Nothing kills the atmosphere in a dining room like overhead lighting washing down over guests' faces. This is why people love candle light. Hang a great piece of artwork on the wall above your buffet, and set a pair of tall lamps on top, and immediately your dining room will become another favourite room in your home.

Long Lasting Design

Our Watters Buffet is a terrific example of piece-sur-piece construction. Every last element is made separately then fitted and fastened together until the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Note for example the trim surrounding the doors and open centre bay. This trim is applied, not, as is common, milled into the styles and rails. Like most of the furniture we offer, every element is made from solid wood, including the back.


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