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Plateau Arm Chair in Antique Cherry



A tall dining chair will often evoke a sense of formality.

At 43", our Plateau Chair is quite tall. In contrast, the straight back-rails, squared off posts, and unembellished leg assembly cut a convincingly clean and relaxed silhouette. The effect is a satisfying formal/not-formal tension.  

A comfortable and dependable chair, the dished pine seat is a generous size and provides ample space to move about and remain comfortable. The back posts are integral to the leg assembly and the legs are not splayed. Weight is transferred directly and effortlessly to the floor, without stressing the hand-fit joinery. The Plateau would be a great choice if you never want to buy chairs again.


• Overall: 21" wide x 22" deep x 43" tall
• Seat: 17.5" wide x 18.5 deep
• Seat height: 18"


• Frame are pegged at crucial stress points
• Dished seat platters 
• Material: Solid maple frame and a solid pine seat
• Treatment: Hand sanded
• Finish: Lacquer clear-coats over a water-based stain
• Colour: Antique Cherry
• Origin: Canada


Available in all Emporium finishes 

• Custom Finishes : Available
• Custom Sizes: Not available 
• Customer Design Variation: Not available 

Dished Seat

A mark of craftsmanship and a sign of comfort, a dished chair seat provides a full measure of additional design refinement. Character in the wood grain is revealed along a third dimension. The play of light is more lively across the moulded contours. A hint at its intended purpose, its natural compliment in relief.

Dished seat

Finish Notes

We offer a variety of hand applied finishes, ranging from flawless, high-gloss piano black on one end of the spectrum, to rustic, looks-like-you-found-it-in-an-old-barn on the other. Our Antique Black in the moderate range; some edges and corners are rubbed though in places they're likely be handled in day-to-day use. Back-rails and the top of back-posts and prime candidates. 

Finish notes, black and tan    


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