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Argyle Rug in Tin



The Argyle rug in Tin, made of 100% Sisal fibres, features a beautiful blend of natural tones and rich textures. It's neutral colour palette brings a sense of calmness to an energetic living room, while its rolling weave amplifies the personality of a quiet reading nook. An incredibly versatile piece, the Argyle rug provides structure to an open space with its cleanly defined border, perfect for elongating an entry hallway, kitchen galley, or zoning your living space. 

This woven rug brings a ripple of nature into your home, creating a welcoming, comforting environment to unwind in. At a closer look, this piece leaves room for discovery with its tonal colour-scape featuring golden wheats, brushed silvers, and shining champagnes. 


2'6" x 10'

5' x 8'

8' x 10'

7' x 12'

9' x 12'


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