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The Danforth Series in Motive

Piping Colour:


Building a sofa with a silhouette that will maintain its appeal over time is important. We think the Danforth hits all the right notes. Contrasting Chrome piping amplifies its crisp lines. The profile is intentionally softened, ever so slightly, by curving the arms to "design out" an otherwise boxy profile – after all, the human form is not a box – and by "designing in" back cushions that actually cushion. Shown here in a subtle greyed out colour, a soothing green, which reflects the landscape we see all around us.

Each sofa, demi sofa, and love seat includes two matching toss cushions.

• Fabric: 100% textured polyester and extremely resilient
• Seat cushions: high density foam with dacron wrap
• Back cushions: baffled hollo-fill 
• Frame: kiln-dried indigenous hardwood
• Joinery: screwed, glued and corner-blocked


The Danforth is available in a full complement of sizes. The sofa has three seat and back cushions, like the demi sofa. The love seat has two, and the chair has one. Only the lengths are different, all other dimensions and design details are the same.

• Sofa: 84" long x 37" deep x 35" tall
• Demi Sofa: 73" long x 37" deep x 35" tall
• Love Seat: 60" long x 37" deep x 35" tall
• Chair: 36" long x 37" deep x 35" tall
• Ottoman: 26" long x 20" deep x 19" tall

• Arm height: 25"
• Seat height: 20"
• Seat depth: 20"

Available in 50 Colourways

We've got the Danforth online in several colourways, and in-store in two others. To comfort-test and see fabric samples for the full range, drop into the store. 

Danforth series in tarragon


We designed the Danforth to have a timeless silhouette. We understand that few people begin a room from scratch every time they buy new upholstery. Good design is mindful that new purchases must harmonize, work with the existing decor, and be a welcome addition. There are 33 colourways available in this 100% polyester material. Every colour is "greyed out". Adding grey increases a hue's ability to harmonize with other colours. The wooden legs ensure that coffee tables and other occasional pieces are acknowledged. 

Sofa Construction

Unless you understand the features and benefits of a particular product, how can you validate the price? Sofas are tricky in this respect because we can not see what’s inside. Think of the your body. The fabric is the skin, the felts, foams and springs are fat and muscle. The skeleton is the frame.

Resilient Support

If a good fabric is used on a poor foundation the fabric will wear out faster. Fabric needs to be 'tight and taught' over the foundation materials, otherwise the fabric will rub itself threadbare. Unsightly folds in the fabric occur because the foundation felts and foams have collapsed underneath. Good sofas have a resilient spring system for the same reason good felts and foams are used; to support the fabric – and of course, you.

Hardwood Frames

All of these ingredients are dependent on a good strong frame to ensure they last. Support is the operative word. Apart from good looks, if the support breaks down your sofa will not remain comfortable. In essence, a frame is a cage. The vertical and horizontal pieces must be securely fastened at the joints. Double doweling through the tenon is the best way to ensure a strong connection, followed by reinforcing the joint with corner blocking – screwed, and glued into place, where the joints intersect.

Arms that wobble are a typical sign of a poorly made frame. Go ahead, give our sofa arms a good firm punch, or wiggle them; they are solid! If the arms are solid, the frame almost certainly is as well. It is a good test. 



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