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The Holden Series in Whisky Leather



With elegantly sloped arms, flush-front seat cushions, square back cushions, and tapered legs, our Holden series has a contemporary, clean-lined look.

Our Holden series is shown here upholstered in top grain leather, deep dyed the full thickness of the skin and shown here in Whiskey. The exposed wood legs have been clear coated, making an interesting contrast with the leather. The seams are saddle stitched for strength but the necessary detail is authentic rather than ersatz frippery.

The depth of the sofa is generous, accommodating cushions with just the right amount of forgiveness without being stiff – so you don't perch but do get just the right amount of support.


Sofa: 85" long x 36" deep x 36" tall  
Demi Sofa: 77" long x 36" deep x 36" tall  
Love Seat: 54" long x 36" deep x 36" tall  
Chair: 30.5" long x 36" deep x 36" tall  
Ottoman: 26" long x 19" deep x 20" tall

• Arm height: 24"
• Seat height: 18"
• Seat depth: 20"

Full Grain Leather

Have you ever owned a leather sofa or chair and been disappointed? What happened?

Was it all leather – Full Grain Leather? Or only partly leather?

Or was it made from one of dozens of leather look-alikes; pleather, vinyl, fabric backed bi-cast?

Was the surface shiny and stiff and slippery? Perhaps it was 'Bonded Leather'...

Did your sofa have a hardwood frame? Or was the inner construction fashioned from press wood panels?

After a year or two, did you notice that the cushion covers were now a different colour than the arms and back?

Did the price seem to good be true? Did the style date quickly?

Each and every day containers of sofas are off-loaded in West Coast ports. They are headed for stores all over Canada. Soon ads will appear with low everyday prices. Genuine Leather sofa – 50% off they will say – now only $1299. Sofas that were made to sell for $1299. – only ever worth $1299. “Genuine Leather”, true, even if only the cushion tops are genuine leather, while the rest of the covering can be vinyl or bonded leather, i.e. ground up chunks of real leather pressed together with glue.

Cow hides are always split into layers to make clothing or furniture. The hides are split after tanning resulting in a top layer called “Full Grain” which has all the marks the animal got during its lifetime.

Goods labeled “Genuine Leather” are made from the muscle side of the hide – the split off bottom layer. The split off bottom layer is thin and easily stretches out of shape. 'Top Grain' leather on the other hand is the top layer of a cow hide, split of a full hide after the barbed wire scars, bite marks, brand scars, etc., are removed during the tanning process. Top grain leather is uniformly thicker than the bottom layer and will not stretch. It is tough because it protected the animal from the elements.

We just wrangled an extraordinary price from one of our main sofa producers. We convinced them that the time is right to reintroduce a timeless silhouette. And that our customers would pay for a sofa upholstered completely in “Top Grain” leather, real leather, made from whole hides. They agreed to the price only if we committed to twenty five frames. Extremely good value at the regular price $6395. – but saving 25% is like a hole in one – rare to say the least. Saddle stitched for strength.

Choose from 18 colours.

Timeless Design

There are designs which never go out of style.  Great design in a sofa is like black tie at the opera. Let the ladies provide the colour, the zest, the excitement. It is a mistake to have your sofa play the starring role. Although you might not think so, great design in a sofa always plays a supporting role. Great design in a sofa will support any aesthetic you might choose to create. A sofa with a timeless silhouette is truly an investment.


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