Lewis Media Cabinet in Vintage Black/Red/Williams


At 99" wide x 86" tall, this is a strikingly large piece. Originally, we designed and built it for a customer. As we worked through the design we gave a lot of thought to the layout and dimensions of the compartments. Our customer had his wall unit painted red and it looked great. We liked it so much that we made one for the store. Shown here, painted black over red and antiqued, Williams on the interior and countertop. 


Overall: 99" wide x 18.5" deep x 86" tall

TV opening: 53.5" wide x 36" tall
Lower cabinet: 24" tall


• Exterior painted red over black, antiqued
• Interior and countertop stained Williams


• Floating door panels with raised panels
• Pegged mortise and tenon joinery
• Adjustable shelves, cleat-and-trammel system
• Custom designed in house
• Two piece unit, lower available separately
• Hand made, solid pine throughout
• 1/4" bead detail around all doors and open shelves
• 3/4" bed moulding under the counter top
• Generous extra-large crown moulding


• Custom sizes and design variations available
• Custom finishes available

From the Inside Out

Beginning with the television, we designed this piece from the inside out. As built, there was one inch of space on the top and sides of the television, between the outside of the TV and the frame of the cabinet. The upper case is 13"deep at the interior. The television fit perfectly flush. No new TV is 13" front-to-back, but we had to account for the stand. The depth of the lower cabinet was defined by the depth of the largest component.

Adjustable Shelves

Naturally, we made all of the shelving adjustable. This keeps everything as flexible as possible. Books, DVDs, decoration, collections, family pictures, devices – this cabinet will quite gracefully accommodate any and all of it. Notice the system for adjusting the shelves. A slotted rail and peg. Simple, easy and sturdy.

Full Extension Drawers

A wood-on-wood drawer box is pretty great. But for heavy items or for easy access – all the way to the back of the drawer – full extension guides are a nice alternative. This hardware is heavy duty and has a "positive stop", so that when they're closed, they snap closed. It's a nice action.

Raised Panel Doors

This is a raised panel door. The door frame itself is mortised together from four separate pieces, with a floating panel in the center. This panel is shaped to give it a raised look, hence the name. Also, the frame components are chamfered for another layer of interest. A frame-and-penal door is far less likely to warp than a flat board.

Hand Applied Finish

The rubbed finish does a couple of interesting things. With a solid black piece, any sense of relief can get lost in shadow. The worn finish softens this effect and helps to highlight the construction details. One may not notice from ten feet away, but a little closer up and the depth of character reveals itself. It's also a device for layering colours in a design scheme. 



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