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Kinsella Media Cabinet in Vintage Black/Red/Williams



TVs used to be small. Usually they were placed at an angle in the corner, more or less out of the way. Then they grew and became intrusive and ugly. They took up a lot of space and they made decorating a room challenging, to say the least. Then along came the flat screen. Flat is good and their rectangular shape is better, but they challenge in a different way.

Flat screen TVs can be over sixty inches wide, and they take up a lot of wall space. Recent research suggests that the lower third of your TV screen at eye level is best. The more so for larger screens.

Positioned for optimum viewing comfort the rectangular shape is a little low aesthetically. The tendency to mount them too high is natural. Long low rectangles are aesthetically unnatural. A wall unit solves the aesthetic problem of tending to mount flat screen TVs up too high.

A custom cabinet offers a solution. The viewing counter can be low enough for ideal viewing but the cabinet's overall proportions can in fact be designed to enhance the rectangular shape.


Outside dimensions
• 91.5" wide x 20" deep x 84" tall

Lower cabinet
• 88" wide x 20" deep x 28" tall

Upper cabinet
• 91.5" wide x 15.5" deep x 56" 5all - including crown moulding

Tv opening
45" wide x 10.75" deep x 30" tall

Inside drawer height
6.5T tall - fits DVDs


• Material: Solid pine
• Treatment: Hand sanded
• Finish: Lacquer clear coats over a painted exterior and stained interior
• Colour: Black, Red and Williams
• Origin: Canada


Available in all Emporium Finishes

• Custom Finishes: Available
• Custom Sizes: Available
• Custom Design Variations: Available


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