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Gary Cabinet in Finhaven



Gary's Two Piece Glazed Cupboard, and its companion piece, the Two Sink Vanity, were designed to have a contemporary look.

The owner wanted them to 'resemble furniture', rather than 'typical bathroom vanities'. Notice the feet instead of the more typical cabinet with a recessed kick. He wanted the materials to be 'real' since the other materials in the bathroom would be natural as well; wood floors, and slate shower surfaces. The owner specified that he did not want the cupboards to look industrial modern, but he wanted them well built, using typical cabinet making methods. 


• 50" wide x 22" deep x 80" tall

Lower cabinet:
• 50" wide x 22" deep x 31" tall

Upper cabinet:
• 50" wide x 14" deep x 49" tall


• Pegged mortise and tenon joinery
• Material: Solid Pine
• Treatment: Smooth planed
• Finish: Waterproof varnish (necessary in a bathroom) over lacquer clear-coats
• Colour: Finhaven
• Hardware: Black iron knobs
• Drawers finished inside

• Origin: Canada


Available in all Emporium Finishes.

• Custom Finishes: Available
• Custom Sizes: Available
• Custom Design Variations: Available



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