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Wilno Table in Grey/Williams

End Leaf Extensions:


Like all the furniture we make, our Wilno Table is made using only solid wood – in this case, select, knot-free pine. The design is carefully considered, every element intentional. It is light in appearance, robustly made, and functionally practical.

We've offered this table unchanged for 40 years. The top is a full 7/8" thick, quite slim and elegant. Anything thinner looks skimpy. Thicker can be quite lovely, but that's not the look here. The apron is bead trimmed. Beading is made from wood 1/8" thick by 1" wide and as long as the apron. A 1/8" radius is milled along one edge of this strip. When applied to the underside of the apron, the bead creates a shadow line while also providing the apron with a smooth underside. It's a subtle embellishment. The legs are slightly tapered from just below the apron.

The four aprons are milled with tenons that fit into mortises cut into the top of the legs. When assembled the joints are tight. The face of the apron is set back from the face of the leg. This set back provides a reveal and a shadow line where the apron and the legs intersect. The tabletop overhangs the apron by a considerable margin. We think it looks good, and setting the apron back provides space to make it taller, and therefore stronger. When the apron skirts too close to edge of the tabletop, it must be made short so it doesn't get in the way of folks' thighs when getting up from and sitting down at the table.    


Available in three sizes:

5' long x 38"wide x 30" tall
• 92" long with two 16" end leaves

6' long x 38"wide x 30" tall
• 104" long with two 16" end leaves

7' long x 40"wide x 30" tall
• 116" long with two 16" end leaves

8' long x 40" wide x 30" tall
• 128" long with two 16" end leaves

Apron height: 4"


• Material: Pine
• Treatment: Hand hewn
• Finish: Lacquer clear-coats over a water-based stain
• Colour: Grey/Williams
• Origin: Canada


Available in all Emporium Finishes

• Custom Finishes: Available
• Custom Sizes: Available
• Custom Design Variations: Available


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