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Winburne Table & Whittaker Chairs in Black/Antique Cherry

$6,959.00 $8,185.00

Included in this bundle, our 92" Winburne Table wand 8 Whittaker Side Chairs. Additional Chairs available to order in. 


Save 15% on Winburne Table and Quincy Chair dining sets. 

Consistent in our belief that authenticity is never out of style, we continue to mine the past for timeless examples of furniture which transcends the limitations of fad and fashion. Our Winburne Table exemplifies this. Today, in a market crowded with derivative consumables – made to keep the price down, made different for different sake, or out of ignorance of the past altogether – we think you may prefer the authentic over ersatz.

A style of table used for centuries would have seen many different chairs and benches tucked underneath. Here use your imagination. The Sawbuck table will enhance any chairs you select. 

Made from maple, the structural finishes to The Whittaker Chair has a timeless and modern feel. Whittaker is also available in a tall size for a more fitting look in your dining room.


Winburne Table

• 92" long x 42" wide x 30" tall
• Seats eight to ten

Whittaker Side Chair
• 16" wide x 20" deep x 34" tall
• Seat heigh: 18"


Winburne table
• Material: Solid pine
• Treatment: Hand sanded base, hand hewn top
• Finish: Lacquer clear coat over water base stain
• Colour: Antique Cherry
• Origin: Canada

Whittaker chair 
• Material: Maple
• Treatment: Hand sanded 
• Finish: Lacquer clear-coats over water base paint 
• Colour: Black
• Origin: Canada 

Hand Hewn Top

We love the way a hand hewn, and hand finished wood table top brings a captivating richness and warmth to a decor. We love the subtle way it softens the sight lines and absorbs light instead of reflecting it. Usually there are plenty of shiny surfaces. Instead of a shiny table surface competing with the sparkle of your table setting, a rich warm background balances, frames, and enhances it. Gatherings just feel better.

Hand hewn top


Included in this bundle, our Winburne Table and Whittaker Side Chair.

Emporium Bundles offer exceptional value. We select pieces that work well together, and offer them in a package at a really great price. 


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