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Winburne Table in Antique Cherry




Military furniture had to be portable. Our Winburne Table is no different. When disassembled there are 10 pieces: the top, 2 trestles, one stretcher, 2 stretcher clinchers, and 4 stretcher pins. The stretcher clinchers lock the stretcher to the trestles. The stretcher pins lock the trestles to the tabletop battens. The battens are permanently fastened to the underside of the table top.

Shown here with a scrubbed and hand planed pine top, the trestles, stretcher, and stretcher clinchers are painted white as though whitewashed that morning. But of course the underside components were as likely to have been painted black.

Consistent in our belief that authenticity is never out of style, we continue to mine the past for timeless examples of furniture which transcends the limitations of fad and fashion. Our sawbuck table exemplifies this. Today, in a market crowded with derivative consumables – made to keep the price down, made different for different sake, or out of ignorance of the past altogether – we think you may prefer the authentic over ersatz.

A style of table used for centuries would have seen many different chairs and benches tucked underneath. Here use your imagination. The Sawbuck table will enhance any chairs you select. 


8' long x 38" wide x 30" tall


• Material: Solid pine
• Treatment: Hand sanded base, hand hewn top
• Finish: Lacquer clear coat over water base stain
• Colour: Antique Cherry
• Origin: Canada



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